near east中文什么意思

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  • near:    adv. 1.近,接近,邻接 (op ...
  • east:    n. 1.东,东方。 2.东边,东面 ...
  • the near east:    近东
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  1. Through trade and travel the europeans had come into contact with the arabs of the mediterraneam area and the near east .
  2. Head , near east and north africa dept , fco
  3. Regional office for the near east ( rne ) located in cairo , egypt
    驻埃及开罗的近东区域办事处( rne ) 。
  4. Explain what a suzerain - vassal treaty was in the ancient near east
  5. Talking about the origin and influence of the washington institute for near east policy


The Near East () is a geographical term that covers different countries for geographers, archaeologists, and historians, on the one hand, and for political scientists, economists, and journalists, on the other. The term originally applied to the maximum extent of the Ottoman Empire, which had been settled to the north by the Great Turkish War of the late 17th century, ending with the Treaty of Karlowitz, June 26, 1699.


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