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  1. His hat was brushed; his wig was trim; his neckcloth was perfectly tied .
  2. Men came out of the barber shop with lathered faces, their neckcloths hanging, to watch and comment in hushed voices .
  3. He wore a loose neckcloth and altogether he looked though he was not a dying man
  4. The driver was a young man of three or four - and - twenty , with a cigar between his teeth ; wearing a dandy cap , drab jacket , breeches of the same hue , white neckcloth , stickup collar , and brown driving - gloves - in short , he was the handsome , horsey young buck who had visited joan a week or two before to get her answer about tess . mrs durbeyfield clapped her hands like a child . then she looked down , then stared again
  5. Jacquard cad is a computer aided design system developed by our lab for years , which can be used in weave industry , and it adopted by most of weave company , such as neckcloth company , brand company and so on . with the cad system spreading , the requirement of management system for cad system becomes more and more urgent . on the basis of other ' s work , 1 developed a net - management system suitable for the cad system


  1. an ornamental white cravat


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