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  • needham:    n. 尼达姆〔姓氏〕。
  • research:    n. 1.仔细搜索 (for, af ...
  • institute:    n. 1.协会,学会;学院,专科大学 ...
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  1. Needham research institute
  2. What are his views on the current situation and future of the needham research institute
  3. Succeeding joseph needham and ho peng yoke , in 2003 christopher cullen became director of the needham research institute
  4. In the form of a memoir , this autobiography is well worth reading , for it contains a great deal of first - hand information concerning the overseas studies on chinese science and technology over the past fifty years , but also because of ho ' s close relationship with joseph needham and the needham research institute , and in addition because it presents a full picture of his own remarkable character


The Needham Research Institute or NRI, located on the grounds of the Robinson College, in Cambridge, England, is a center for research into the history of science, technology and medicine in East Asia. It is part of the University of Cambridge.


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