negative angle中文什么意思

发音:   用"negative angle"造句
  • 负角俯角


  1. The conventional tail must be at a negative angle of attack, and the canard tail at a positive angle .
  2. In this part , the author demonstrates her views from positive and negative angles
  3. The third chapter analyzed and evaluated the effects and embarrassments of vajpayee government ’ s national security strategy from both positive and negative angles
  4. Similarly , to position the beam below the boresight axis requires the use of a negative angle . this yields a negative and equation ( 7 - 4 ) again yields the applied phase of each element
    同样的,要使波束低于视轴线要求负的角度。增量就是负的,式( 7 - 4 )仍可用于计算每个单元的增量。
  5. The research shows that : the negative angles on reporting china of u . s medias have the deep complicacy with political , historical and cultural reasons . from the medium itself , news frame is playing the great role in shape of the china " s " nation image "


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