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  • 负异常


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  1. During flood years , the center of negative anomaly is around ural mountains , the center of positive anomaly is around high - latitude of east asia and another negative and positive center are over okhotsk sea and the north - west pacific , respectively
    通过对夏季旱涝等级指数的morlet型和mexicanhat型小波变换分析,发现山东夏季旱涝指数主要存在着2 5年和7年左右的周期振荡。
  2. On the surface of msta , there exists true dipole mode in the indian ocean , that ' s to say that if the temperature anomaly in the western indian ocean is positive , it is much likely that there is negative anomaly in the eastern indian ocean . dipole mode also exists in the pacific as that in the indian ocean . by virtue of the walker circulation and the similar circulation above the indian ocean , it is showed that the air - sea interaction events in the tropical pacific and the indian ocean develop with each other at the same time
    由于在次表层海温距平极值面上,热带西、东印度洋的海温距平呈真正意义的偶极子模态,即当西印度洋海温距平为正(负)时,东印度洋海温距平为负(正) ,偶极子模态的海温距平分布在热带太平洋同样存在,两大洋海温距平的偶极子模态间有密切的联系,结合walker环流和印度洋上空的类似walker环流,进而指出热带印度洋和太平洋海气相互作用事件是协调发展的。
  3. Research manifests that : ( 1 ) allocation in the year of precipitation is very uneven , and yearly precipitation is different in great scope , negative anomaly of precipitation appear concentratly in the 1990s , the precipitation in the 1990s decreased in different degree ; ( 2 ) close positive correlation exists between runoff and precipitation , runoff is abundant in the year with prolific precipitation , and generally in the year with scarce rain the volume of runoff is not enough ; ( 3 ) there is 20 % margin in their changes amplitude , this mainly resulted from high frequent human activities
    结果表明: ( 1 )流域内降水年内分配极其不均;年际变化剧烈,进入90年代后降水负距平集中出现, 20世纪90年代降水较多年均值有较大程度的减少; ( 2 )流域内河川径流与降水之间存在密切的正相关关系,降水量多的年份,河川径流丰富,反之较枯; ( 3 )河川径流积极响应降水的变化,然而河川径流变化幅度却比降水变化幅度大20 % ,这个偏差主要是由于频繁的人类活动的干扰造成的。
  4. The precipitation character of the middle part of viet nam and its relation to the atmospheric circle . the autumn precipitation of the middle part of viet nam has obvious variations in inter - annual and inter - decade scale with clearly quasi 6a , 10a , 15a period ; in heavy rainfall years , there are a positive anomaly over the north - west pacific and a negative anomaly over japan ; while in deficient rainfall years , the anomaly distribution is on the contrary ; 4 . the precipitation character of the south part of viet nam and its relation to the atmospheric circle . the research finds that the rainfall of the south part of vietnam usually concentrates in the autumn every year and a clear difference of atmosphere condition exists between that of flood and drought years
    越南中部降水变化特征及其与大气环流和海温的关系越南中部秋季降水具有明显的年际、年代际变化特征,具有明显的准6a 、 10a 、 15a左右的周期;越南中部多雨年, 500hpa高度距平场在热带西北太平洋为正距平,日本附近上空为负距平;而少雨年则相反;越南中部多雨年,热带中东太平洋海温异常偏高,西太平洋海温异常偏低;少雨年则相反;越南中部多雨年,登陆越南的台风频数偏多;而少雨年则相反。
  5. There is a north - north - east negative anomaly belt of aerial magnetism in the middle - east part of the basin , which could be displayed by the aerial magnetism of commutative field , upwardly continuation , lvt in earthquakes , the experimentation of granite liquation ( demagnetization ) , the distribution of neozoic era volcanic rock , earthquake , hot spring and ground feature . the anomaly shows the blocking in east - west direction , and it is also associated with intense activity of deep heat interaction and the development of the crust - mantle mixed layer in the north qiangtang


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