neutron generator中文什么意思

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  • 中子发生器


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  1. Calculation of chopper voltage on ns pulsing system of neutron generator
  2. The author of this paper has developed a controlled circuit of the pulse neutron generator
  3. The measurement of water content in materials by neutron generator is studied and the principle of it is introduced
  4. Three typical ion source , radio - frequency ion source , duoplasmatron ion source and penning ion source , are usually used in neutron generator
    在通过d - t反应产生中子的低能倍压加速器中,一般采用三种类型的离子源:高频离子源( rf ) 、潘宁离子源( pig )和双等离子体离子源( dp ) 。
  5. For the need of monitoring the neutron generator , a kind of neutron monitor device is designed and developed , which is very suitable for our application and scientific searching


    Neutron generators are neutron source devices which contain compact linear accelerators and that produce neutrons by fusing isotopes of hydrogen together. The fusion reactions take place in these devices by accelerating either deuterium, tritium, or a mixture of these two isotopes into a metal hydride target which also contains deuterium, tritium or a mixture of these isotopes.


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