no deviation中文什么意思

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  • 不改变预定航线


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  1. Nature , according to her way , had made no deviation in the path he had marked out for himself
  2. According to avestan belief , there is no reversal and no deviation possible once a man has made his decision
  3. I n generai idea , seaworthy and care for goods and no deviation are carrier ' s basic obligations
  4. The ordered equipment will be subject to a variation of + / _ 7 % weight tolerance within there will be no deviation in the ordered price
    该订购的设备允许有7 %的重量容差,在该容差范围内,既定价格不变。
  5. 5 . our client can assign dedicated person to monitor our job . taking photo and note to assure no deviation from requirements is welcome
    5 .客户可安排及委任人选监督工程进行并可进行拍照及笔记以作报告工程进度


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