发音:   用"no-seam"造句
  • 无缝
  • no:    no. =number.
  • seam:    n. 1.缝;线缝。 2.接口;接缝 ...
  • in seam:    内浪骨


  1. It is a distributed and embedded supervision system which integrates an embedded system with network - linking function into a distributed control system with can bus . it caniirmly transmit information of industrial field and implement no - seam connect between control field and mis . it has been successfully applied in an actual remote supervision system for multi - module of inverters
    本文研究的基于can总线的分布式嵌入式远程监控系统即由canbus这种优秀的现场总线组成的分布式控制系统与具有网络功能的嵌入式系统集成后的分布式嵌入式远程监控系统,可使工业控制现场的数据信息实时可靠地传输,实现工控现场与管理信息系统( mis )的无缝连接。


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