non-monetary assets中文什么意思

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  • 非货币资产
  • non:    adv. 〔拉丁语〕非,不是 (=n ...
  • monetary:    adj. 货币的;金钱的;金融的;财 ...
  • asset:    n. 1.资产;财产。 2.有用的资 ...


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  1. Analytical comparison between old and new accounting standards on non - monetary assets exchange
  2. The existence of the relationship between connected parties is likely to cause the loss of commercial nature of non - monetary assets transaction
  3. Article 13 in respect of income obtained by enterprises in the form of non - monetary assets or rights and interests , such income shall be computed or appraised with reference to prevailing market prices
  4. Article 2 a government subsidy means the monetary or non - monetary assets obtained free by an enterprise from the government , but excluding the capital invested by the government as the owner of the enterprise
  5. Article 1 to standardize the confirmation and measurement of non - monetary assets transaction , and disclosure of relevant information , these standards are formulated according to the accounting standard for business enterprises - basic standards
    第一条为了规范非货币性资产交换的确认、计量和相关信息的披露,根据《企业会计准则- -基本准则》 ,制定本准则。


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