on coast中文什么意思

发音:   用"on coast"造句
  • 靠近海岸
  • coast:    n. 1.海岸;海滨。 2.〔美国〕 ...
  • coast in:    轻易夺得锦标
  • on the coast:    在岸上, 沿岸; 在海岸线上


  1. The first debate on coast defense of the late qing dynasty and its effect on the coast defense of our country
  2. Occurs on coasts , marshes and streams throughout hong kong , especially at the wwf hong kong mai po marshes nature reserve
  3. Up till now , considerable research on coast resorts mainly deals with the evaluation of tourist resources . however the research on tourist flows and local residents " perception of tourist impacts in coast resorts is relatively limited
  4. Non - uniformity of the amplifying effect and dimension of the slope are pointed out through analysis of the distribution of the stress and sonic speed in the slope . forms of slope lost stability resulted from blasting vibration are analyzed and appraising rules of slope stability are summarized by a great deal instances on coasts . based on general discussion about calculation methods of the slope stability under the effect of blasting vibration , the synthetical method , a new one , is put forward , analyzed through a sample by and pointed out which is one of most valid methods
    利用波动理论,得出延期时间为nt / m时减震效果最好;在分析边坡岩体内部应力、质点速度等分布规律的基础上,指出边坡震动放大效应的不均匀性和边坡尺寸效应;结合大量滑坡实例,分析了爆破震动引起边坡失稳破坏的几种形式,总结出边坡稳定性评价准则;基于对边坡稳定性计算方法的综合分析,提出了一种综合分析方法,通过算例计算分析,证明该法计算精确度高、功能全面,是边坡动力稳定性分析的有效方法之一。


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