optic angle中文什么意思

发音:   用"optic angle"造句
  • 光角, 视角
  • 光轴角
  • 轴角


  1. His theory about the clash of civilization is wildly concerned and it has provoked the new research and discussion in different optic angle and field
  2. Both the methods for measuring such optical constants as cleavage angle , interference color level , extinction angle , length sign , optical sign , optic angle , pleochroism formula , absorptivity formula and the determining program for transparent minerals will be emphasized to lecture
  3. The first part is that huntington consider that the history of the mankind is the history of the civilization ; the second part is that huntington give prominence to the language and religion in the clash of civilization ; the third part is that huntington think the essential of the global social conflict is the clash of civilization ; the fourth part is that huntington transform his optic angle to the clash of western and american civilization themselves inside in recent years ; the fifth part is that huntington suppose a war which may break out in
  4. Samuel p . huntington is a famous scholar in the field of national politics research . his particular optic angle to research the history of mankind and the trend of globalization currently is culture and civilization , and it is unquestionable that his theory is a style of particular interpretation of history


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