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  1. It seems to offer more optio than the others
  2. Raymond calitri : you got 30 seconds to co ider your optio . one , you kill me , they kill you , your brother dies anyway
  3. There are already 10 , 000 frozen embryos floating around in liquid - nitrogen baths in the u . s . , stuck in a kind of icy limbo as their would - be parents sort out the optio
  4. Included in the rate , however , are all meals ( including vegetarian optio ) and beverages ( alcoholic or non ) , a personal golf or te is coach , as well as a personal trainer , laundry service , unlimited activities like sea kayaking and croquet , and two scuba dives per day
  5. " after discu ing several optio with my family and my advisors to either stay here in madrid or join other major british and european teams i have decided to join la galaxy and play in the major league soccer ( mls ) from august this year , " beckham told reporters
    贝克汉姆接受记者采访时说: “与家人和顾问们商讨了几种选择之后,我决定不再与皇马续约,而且也不会去英超或其他欧洲俱乐部;我已决定加盟美国洛杉矶银河队,从今年8月份开始,我将在美国职业足球大联盟效力。 ”


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