ornamental stone中文什么意思

发音:   用"ornamental stone"造句
  • 饰面石料
  • 装饰石


  1. Ornamental stones and their classification
  2. Variety of : quartz , sio 2 , silicon dioxide . uses : gemstone and ornamental stone
  3. Although rose quartz is usually too cloudy to be used as a cut gemstone , a few exceptional pieces are found with enough clarity and color to make fine gems . most gemmy rose quartz is used as cabochons where the clarity is not as important as the color . rose quartz is also a very attractive ornamental stone and is carved into popular spheres , pyramids , obelisks , figurines and ornate statues
  4. Beijing aika international collections exchange market is fully funded by beijing aika investment management ( group ) corporation and is currently an international collections exchange market with the largest scale and highest level in beijing integrating antiques , calligraphy and paintings , emeralds , jade , shoushan stone , stamps and coins , porcelain and ornamental stones


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