ornamental tree中文什么意思

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  • 观赏树木


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  1. Attention - worthy problems in fruit trees serving as ornamental trees
  2. Some other applications of ornamental tree species were also introduced
  3. Variation of photosynthetic pigment content in eleven ornamental tree species to sulfur dioxide stress treatment
  4. Ginkgo biloba l , with a common name of white fruit , is considered as a living fossil . it is used as food , medicine , wood and ornamental tree
    ) ,又名白果,著名的孑遗植物,被誉为活化石,是珍贵的食用、药用、材用、观赏用树种。
  5. First discovered in 1908 , the hong kong orchid tree was approved for use as hong kong s emblem in 1965 . it is one of the most beautiful ornamental trees in hong kong
    1908年首次发现洋紫荆, 1965年成为香港的市花,是香港最漂亮的乔木之一,每年11月初至3月开花。


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