other ranks中文什么意思

发音:   用"other ranks"造句
普通士兵, 小兵
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  1. " prayer of fortitude " : the range on rank 3 has been changed to match all other ranks of this spell
    “坚韧祷言” :等级3的范围现在和其他等级的一样了。
  2. The family group includes taxa at the ranks of superfamily , family , subfamily , tribe , and any other rank below superfamily and above the genus group that may be required , such as subtribe [ art . 35 . 1 ]
    科群包括首科、科、亚科、族等层级的分类单元,以及需要时在首科之下和属群之上加入的任何其他层级的分类单元,如亚族[第35条1 ] 。
  3. Different from other rank reduction methods , such as pca ( principal component analysis ) and vq ( vector quantization ) , nmf ( nonnegative matrix factorization ) can get nonnegative , sparse basis vectors which make possible of the concept of a parts - based representation
    与pca (主分量分析)和vq (矢量量化)等降维算法不同, nmf (非负矩阵分解)算法能够分解出非负的,稀疏的特征矩阵和编码矩阵,能够提取原始数据向量的局部特征,使基于局部特征进行分类的聚类算法更容易实现。


Other Ranks (ORs) in the British Army, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force and in the armies and air forces of many other Commonwealth countries are those personnel who are not commissioned officers, usually including non-commissioned officers (NCOs). In the Royal Navy, these personnel are called ratings.


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