other villagers中文什么意思

发音:   用"other villagers"造句
  • 其他的村民
  • other:    adj. 1.别的,另外的,其他的; ...
  • villager:    n. 村民;乡村居民,乡下人。
  • villagers:    乡下人


  1. We also left some provisions for other villagers living further away who could not arrive that day
  2. Their shares will be diluted if their numbers grow ; they cannot be sold except to other villagers ; and the government could still take the land away
  3. Her exuberant display alerted the other villagers to what was happening , and the team soon finished the first stage of the distribution project before heading back to montego bay for more supplies
  4. Thus , he discusses repeatedly with chen zhuzhu and zhao longlong , consults frequently with other villagers and studies the documents and materials on farmers associations provided by the project , which enables them to understand the significance in organizing a farmers association and its role
  5. Some villages had these things for public use , and some villages had not , but private tools could be made use of by other villagers freely . this was a traditional system devolved for generations , and embodied the exist ethic that all villagers had rights to make life with recourses they could control
    有些村庄中有公用碾、磨及打谷场,但也有些村庄只有私有碾、磨、打谷场,但村民可无偿使用,素有“碾磨千家用、打水不用问”之谚,这是村民世代相传的一套公共准则和制度性安排,建立在此准则上的公众舆论和话语空间体现了詹姆士?斯科特所说的“生存伦理” 。


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