oyster omelette中文什么意思

发音:   用"oyster omelette"造句
  • 蚝烙
  • 蚵仔煎
  • oyster:    n. 1.蚝,牡蛎。 2.鸡背肉。 ...
  • omelette:    n. 煎蛋饼,摊鸡蛋〔常对折成半月形 ...
  • bacon omelette:    烟肉奄列


  1. There ' s so much to eat … ( rattles on ) popiah , chilli crab , hokkien mee , oyster omelette , tau suan and bak kut teh
  2. Starting from 1 april 2004 , buffet diners can choose from over ten oyster treats from fresh to cooked in western , chinese , japanese or thai styles including us and australian south pacific live oysters , oyster shooter , hokkaido cold tofu with oysters , oyster makai roll , baked oyster " rockefeller " , oyster and prawn skewer with bacon and onion butter sauce , pan - fried oyster omelette in chiu - style , steamed oysters with ginger and onion in soya sauce , etc . of course , don t miss our international cuisine prepared from open show kitchens
    海鲜推介美国及澳洲南太平洋生蚝及生蚝杯( oystershooter ) ;冷盘推介北海道冻豆腐;寿司推介炸蚝寿司卷;炉端烧推介烧美国珍宝蚝;西菜推介奶油波菜芝士?蚝及生蚝大虾串;中菜推介潮式煎蚝饼、酥炸生蚝、姜?蒸生蚝及发菜蚝豉粥。


    Oyster omelette is a Chinese dish that is widely known in Taiwan, Fujian, and many parts of Asia for its savory and addictive taste. Variations of the dish preside in some southern regions of China although the actual taste and appearance of these can vary by a lot from the original version from Taiwan.


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