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  • pallet:     pallet2 n. 1 ...
  • car:     car2 adj. 〔苏 ...
  • pallet:     pallet1 n. 1 ...
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  1. According to the curves and equations of the speed , acceleration and displacement about the pallet car given in this paper , the actual tooth profile equation had been presented
  2. The new sprocket , manufactured by means of this equation , can improve the logistic movement of the pallet cars , reduce the impact and establish the foundation of producing archless sintering machine
  3. Taking the kinematics and dynamics problems of pallet cars on an even - tooth sintering machine into comprehensive consideration , a new kind of tooth shape , which could bring variational acceleration to a single pallet car , had been put forward
  4. The article introduced the using and characteristics of atmosphere forced circulation outside a pallet car heat - treatment oven , provided the ways to get high uniformity and heat - transfer efficiency inside the furnace , and confirmed main parameters of this furnace through calculation


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