paraffin section中文什么意思

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  • 石蜡切片


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  1. The dissection structure of leaf and pedicel in fifteen narcissus materials was observed with paraffin section
  2. Observation by paraffin section showed that lipeng no . 2 embryo sac mother cells were almost entirely degenerated during megasporogenesis
    切片观察发现,丽? 2号胚囊母细胞在四核期已完全退化。
  3. ( 1 ) the distributing and histological character of buffalo preantral follicles in ovary was studied by means of paraffin section
    ( 1 )用常规石蜡切片法研究水牛卵泡在卵巢中的分布规律与结构特征。
  4. The developments and anatomical structures of the scapes of two garlic cultivars were compared through morphological examination and paraffin sectioning
  5. Conventional paraffin sectioning was adopted to conduct the anatomical examination of the officinal organs of houttuynia cordata , stems , rhizomes and leaves


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