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  • pcr引物


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  1. Pcr primers design for gene chip
  2. According to the nucleotide sequence of selected antigen epitope , pcr primers supplemented with the ecor i and sal i sites were designed
  3. Their accession numbers in genbank respectively are af440390 , af440391 . primers serving as rt - pcr primers were synthesized based on the two cloned fragments
  4. To make the pcr primer that have adequacy enzyme sit flowed the sequence , ligate with the pgem - t easy after pcr . make sure the sequence by sequencing
    经组织培养后,以pcr和rt - pcr法检测再生烟草,共得到转synnhap基因烟草4株, pbi121空载体浸染的对照烟草再生苗5株。
  5. Results show that pcr primer selection also plays decisive role in the methodology . two primer pairs considered universal to domain bacteria in previous reports did not work on our field sample


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