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  • 分组数据服务节点


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  1. Finally , with the compressing performance test , the testing results are presented . through this new algorithm , the average size of data packet is around 50 % of original one and the data transmitting velocity nearly doubled
    测试结果显示通过mppc压缩可将数据报文大小压缩到原有报文的50 %左右,数据传输速率提高将近一倍,大大优化了pdsn系统的性能。
  2. The cmt system is made up of eight sub - systems : was , cs , lr , pdsn , omc , wau , cmg and csg . if different hardware platforms were used , the complexity of the whole system will increase greatly , so does the maintenance difficulty
    Cmt系统由was 、 cs 、 lr 、 pdsn 、 omc 、 wau 、 cmg和csg子系统构成,各硬件子系统单板若采用不同的硬件平台将使系统硬件的复杂度提高、且增加维护的难度。
  3. In pdsn system , data packet between ms and pdsn compressed by compressing algorithm can reduce the size of the transmitting packet , improve the efficiency of data transmission and support large number of simultaneous connected users
    在pdsn ( packetdataservicenode :分组数据服务节点)系统中,用压缩算法对移动用户与pdsn之间传输的数据报文内容进行压缩,可大大减小传输报文的大小,提高数据传输速率,支持更大用户的同时接入。
  4. This paper makes use of mppc algorithm to compress transmitting data in pdsn system and implements the function methioned above . first , this auther focuses on the expatiation of the working principle and system structure of pdsn and analyzing the dada transmission between ms and pdsn
    本文采用mppc ( microsoftpointtopointcompress :微软点对点压缩)压缩算法对pdsn系统中传输的数据报文进行压缩,并设计实现了该压缩功能。
  5. This paper is made in the background of the development of pdsn ( packed data service node ) , the core component of cdma2000 system . and we discussed the current and future situation of cdma2000 communication system and embedded systems . also , we utilized the linux platform to apply the testing platform of the accessing into pdsn
    本论文以开发第三代移动通信系统cdma2000中的核心设备pdsn (分组数据服务节点)为背景,讨论了cdma2000通信系统以及嵌入式操作系统的现状及发展趋势,利用linux平台实现了pdsn系统的接入测试平台,不仅完成了对pdsn系统的测试目标,而且有力的尝试了利用linux开发企业级别的通讯设备嵌入式系统。


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