发音:   用"pertinaciously"造句
  • 顽固地
  • 执拗地


  1. Why do you remain pertinaciously perched on my knee , when i have given you notice to quit
    派洛特实际上已经回家去吃饭了,让我看看你的手表。 ”
  2. And somewhat relieved by this idea which i failed not to execute that day , i ventured once more to meet my master s and lover s eye , which most pertinaciously sought mine , though i averted both face and gaze
  3. While miss linton moped about the park and garden , always silent , and almost always in tears ; and her brother shut himself up among books that he never opened - wearying , i guessed , with a continual vague expectation that catherine , repenting her conduct , would come of her own accord to ask pardon , and seek a reconciliation - and she fasted pertinaciously , under the idea , probably , that at every meal , edgar was ready to choke for her absence , and pride alone held him from running to cast himself at her feet : i went about my household duties , convinced that the grange had but one sensible soul in its walls , and that lodged in my body


  1. in a dogged and pertinacious manner; "he struggled pertinaciously for the new resolution"
  2. in a dogged and pertinacious manner; "he struggled pertinaciously for the new resolution"


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