phagocytic index中文什么意思

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  1. Trial 3 , effect of supplemental copper of different type on no - specific immunity of mice the grouping of experiment animal was the same as trial 1 , at 7th , 14th , 21th , 8th , one mouse was injected diluent chinese ink for 10mg / kg avoirdupois with 4 times after weighing , blood was made from eyepit in time of second and 20th minute after injecting , killing the mouse immediately , weighing the liver and spleen , calculate the correct phagocytic index
    试验三,不同形式铜对小鼠非特异性免疫功能的作用试验动物分组同试验一,进入正式试验期后,在第7天、 14天、 21天、 28天每重复选取1只小鼠,称重后按10ml kg体重尾尖静脉注入4倍稀释的中华墨汁,注入墨汁后2min和20min分别从眼眶取血测吸光值,最后一次采血后立即处死小鼠,取肝脏和脾脏称重,计算矫正吞噬指数。


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