pipeline run中文什么意思

发音:   用"pipeline run"造句
  • 管道输送量
  • 管道输油量
  • run:    adj. 刚出海的,刚捉上来的(鱼) ...
  • in the pipeline:    在途中, 在进行中
  • pipeline:    导管; 工艺过程; 供给系统; 管道 ...


  1. Measures to safely operate hot oil pipeline run at low - throughput condition
  2. The two pipelines ran parallel to each other , 7 . 5 ft . apart and the maximum daily transfer was between 3 , 500 , 000 and 4 , 500 , 000 gallons of water
  3. On the base of researching the principle of risk acceptability , some primary work has been done to the acceptability rule of city gas pipeline , on the other hand , some methods to alleviate the risk and some suggestions to make pipeline run more safely are given in the paper
  4. At present , the distance of the pipelines running in the industry of oil refining , petrol - chemistry and electricity in china is around 500 , 000 kilometres . the majority of them last one or two decades , gradually resulting in the summit of accidents with various degrees of erosion and cracks
    我国石油、化工等行业的在役油气长输管道总长约50万公里,其中大部分管道已使用10 ? 20年以上,出现不同程度的腐蚀、裂纹等缺陷,逐渐进入事故高发期。
  5. The system whose distance precision is within ? 00m is adapt to crude oil gathering and transferring pipelines and long distance pipelines without missing alarm and has low rate of wrong alarm . it detects the real time situation of pipeline " s running . when the system meets the si tuat ion in which the amount of leak is beyond the 1 percent of total pipeline run , it will send out alarm in a instant , give the point of leak and evaluate the extent of leak


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