planning a picnic中文什么意思

发音:   用"planning a picnic"造句
  • planning:    n. 计划,规划。 an overa ...
  • picnic:    n. 1.野餐,郊游;各人自带食品的 ...
  • at the picnic:    在野餐
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  1. Out of the blue , the office manager called a meeting to plan a picnic
  2. Planning a picnic
  3. Plan a picnic and bring along champagne , flowers and unfold the diamond gift from a linen napkin
  4. But if people are planning a picnic on the beach or at the park , they would probably pack a cool bag with a whole variety of home - made sandwiches , snacks , cake , fruit and soft drinks
  5. It s a good idea to be sure to call or write the winery for appointment if tours are given by appointment only at least a week ahead of your intended visit , and eat a hearty meal before setting out , or to plan a picnic at one of the wineries with facilities


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