polythene film中文什么意思

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  • 聚乙烯薄膜


  1. Effects of concave mulching with polythene film on growth and development of corn growing in sloping land
  2. Research on key technic of cotton stalk shredding and used polythene film collecting combined machine
  3. Raw material info : pe coated paper supplier , one side and two sides polythene film coated paper ,
  4. Abstract : a new proven design of a complete mechanic , electric and computerized automation system is introduced , which is mainly used in the workshop polythene film blowing . the function of the system is to automatically compound the pe granular materials according to the different requirements of tens of film extrusion and blowing machines , and then convey the compounded materials to the specific machines in one or several workshops within an area of some hundred meters
    文摘:介绍了最新研制成功的一种全自动成套机械、电气、计算机一体化系统,该系统主要应用于生产聚乙烯薄膜的吹膜车间,其功能是给分布在几百米范围内的1个或多个吹膜车间内的几十台乃至上百台挤塑吹膜机按各自的配方自动配制生产原料( pe粒料) ,并将配制的原料自动输送给需要的挤塑吹膜机。


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