potential disturbance中文什么意思

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  • 势拉干扰


  1. Several potential disturbances had to be reckoned with
  2. On the other hand , vessels should avoid entering the sea inlet of sham wan during sea turtle breeding season so as to minimise any potential disturbance to the sea turtles
  3. 6 diversion of the channels and cofferdams shall be used to minimize potential disturbance to water bodies , to limit adverse impact on water quality at downstream and to contain sediments
  4. Traditional contingency planning requires that an enterprise consider all potential disturbances to business operations and prepare solutions to keep business activities running in the event that those threats materialize
  5. Dolphins , which use sonar for navigation , would be impacted by the loud noise associated with piling . potential disturbance of the seabed which may contain contaminated mud could impair the immune system of the dolphins , increasing their susceptibility to disease


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