发音:   用"premiss"造句
  • n.
    【逻辑学】前提 (=premisen.1.)。


  1. I deny that bolshevism is logical , it rejects the major part of the premisses , said hammond
    “我否认波尔雪维克主义是合乎逻辑的,它根本就反对前提上的大前提。 ”
  2. Chinese phrase segmention is the premiss and difficulty that we analyze the chinese text
  3. Balance , weightlessness , and geometry as the means of architectural construction were the premisses of a new artistic development
  4. My dear man , it allows the material premiss ; so does the pure mind . exclusively . at least bolshevism has got down to rock bottom , said charlie
    “但是,亲爱的朋友,它却不反对物质的前提纯粹的精神主义也不反对这物质的前提甚至只有这物质的前提它才接受呢。 ”
  5. For micro - cavity semiconductor laser , station model is proposed in this paper and its steady - state and instantaneous characteristics when the coupling efficiency of spontaneous emission into a lasing mode is equal to 1 are analysised . for current noise , sp noise , noise , p noise , as well as current modulation , sp modulation , modulation and p modulation , using small - signal approximation , we derive the laser ' s corresponding transfer functions . and we calculate their signal - to - noise ratio ( snr ) gain in various parameters through frequency domain analysis in the premiss of large input snr
    本文对于微腔半导体激光器,提出站模型,能够较直观简洁地分析微腔半导体激光器的稳态和瞬态特性,利用此模型对具有重要实用价值的= 1的微腔半导体激光器进行了讨论;对于电流i噪声、自发发射寿命_ ( sp )噪声、自发发射因子噪声、光子寿命_ p噪声,以及电流调制、 _ ( sp )调制、调制、 _ p调制,在小信号近似下,得到了相应的激光器的传递函数;在大信噪比的前提下,对激光器进行了频域分析,分别计算了它们在不同参数下的信噪比增益,分析了其抗噪声性能。


  1. a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn; "on the assumption that he has been injured we can infer that he will not to play"
    同义词:premise, assumption
  1. take something as preexisting and given


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