privately owned companies中文什么意思

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  • 私人开办的公司
  • own:    vt. 1.有;拥有;持有。 2.承 ...
  • company:    n. 1.交际,交往;作伴;伴侣;朋 ...
  • privately owned:    私有公司


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  1. As an independent and privately owned company , rehau focuses on building long - lasting partnerships and alliances with our customers
  2. Viper is a privately owned company whose principals have been in the business of developing , manufacturing and distributing basic floor maintenance equipment for decades
  3. Sinic mold plastic part is a privately owned company with two manufacturing centers that shared a combined total of more than 600 employees and over 10000 sq . meters of factory space
  4. This is a privately owned company with a capital of rmb 500 thousand registered under the administration bureau for industry and commerce in x city of xx province on july 2002
    留学解答资讯网:司是2002年7月在/ / /省/ / /市工商行政管理局正式注册的一家私营企业,企业注册资金为五十万元(人民币50万元) 。
  5. The food retail giant has bought adminstore , a small privately owned company operating 45 convenience shops trading mainly as europa , harts and cullens . jitu patel , adminstore s managing director , said that the sale to tesco was good news


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