privately owned corporation中文什么意思

发音:   用"privately owned corporation"造句
  • 私有公司
  • own:    vt. 1.有;拥有;持有。 2.承 ...
  • corporation:    n. 1.团体;协会,公会;法人;( ...
  • privately owned:    私有公司


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  1. Thirdly , the paper looks at the essentials of the culture of china ' s privately owned corporations
  2. The hung ming group bases on the undeveloping area , but now it ' s the largest professional privately owned corporation
  3. The survey is the theoretical basis for the explanation of remolding of the culture of china ' s privately owned corporations
  4. This paper intends to establish corporate culture as the " golden key " for the privately owned corporations to achieve the success in the following 4 aspects
    本文从四个方面阐述了民营企业文化重塑是民营企业通向成功的一把“金钥匙” 。
  5. More and more important role smp ( small - medium sized privately owned corporations ) have beening played in making jobs , increasing finance income and meeting the social needs


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