processing psychology中文什么意思

发音:   用"processing psychology"造句
  • 信息加工心理学


  1. According to the theory of information - processed psychology , the teaching and learning strategies of nonage reading for infants include repeat , finish machining , organizing , cognizing and so on
  2. The study on information - processing , information - exchanging and feedback , and the study on information management are major concerns of the research on problem - inquiry teaching pattern . in this paper , based on information - processing psychology and educational information theory , making use of our secondary middle school teaching practice , investigation and studies , we do some research on educational information - processing theory of problem - inquiry teaching pattern
  3. After expounding suhomlicky ideas of main body ' s taking part , gagne divided the whole teaching process into nine stages according to the information processing pattern of study and memory put forward by information processing psychology . he also told us how to design chemistry teaching process in order to give prominence to students . he did so in accordance with his understanding of ausubel ' s theories of structural knowledge and transferring
  4. Based on the theories of children ' s psychological development and cognitive - processed psychology , the researcher probes into the characteristics and reasons of children ' s reading difficulties , arguing that the problems about children ' s reading difficulties should be thought in a broader domain


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