promoting ways中文什么意思

发音:   用"promoting ways"造句
  • 管理部属的上升通道
  • promote:    vt. 1.增进;提倡,发扬,助长, ...
  • way:    adv. 1.= away. 2.〔 ...
  • -ways:    后缀 表示“方向,位置;方式,状态” ...


  1. The promote way of reading ability in chinese
  2. On core competitiveness of sci - tech periodical and its promoting ways
  3. Promoting ways for cleaner production in enterprise - cleaner production assessment and cleaner production audit
  4. In 1989 the american bar association held a workshop to promote ways to use litigation against religious groups
  5. This thesis mainly research the marketing management guided by related theories and based on the operation practice of xin shiming scientific and technological project co . ltd . through in - depth analyzing the market environment of domestic ophthalmic medical industry and the company ' s practice , the author has found that the main marketing problems are insufficient depth and scope of the product line , worse channel management , inadequate advertising input , too simple promote ways , the staff lacking systematic marketing knowledge , and the most important thing does n ' t have a long - term and intact marketing tactics suiting the development of the company


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