发音:   用"propagand"造句
  • vt.


  1. Lagged propagand will leave the resource of shanxi ' s folk cultural tourism under - exploited and impact the development of shanxi ' s tourism as whole
  2. I ' m very pleased that you are interest in our products . but it only introduces part kinds of machine tools on the propagand brochure . please come in and see our exhibits
  3. Reinforce propagand for project outcomes replication , with particular column for accvetp on school website and accvetp outcomes replication particular column iii in the show window
  4. With the joint efforts of the nanjing exhibition center and the german messe friedrichshafen company , the asia outdoor trade fair will continue the marvelous traditons of the european oudoor in the fields of exhibitors organization , propagand and extension , the invitation of professional audiences and scheme of the on - the - spot activities , which will help to establish a communication bridge for the international outdoor brands enter into asian market and the asian outdoor brands go out to the international market


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