quality concrete中文什么意思

发音:   用"quality concrete"造句
  • 高级混凝土
  • 高能混凝土
  • 优质混凝土


  1. Using iron - melting furnace slag of steel plant producing quality concrete admixture
  2. Construction technology of high quality concrete for terminal building in shanghai pudong international airport phase project
  3. For years , our company has been providing quality concrete for the city ' s bridges , buildings , shopping malls … our products have been greatly acknowledged by our users
  4. Tomosada incorporates the latest technology with years of experience to ensure its tube pumps are suited for the job at hand . concrete equipment and tools for high - quality concrete slabs , tomosada produces high - performance power trowels
  5. The precautions for the underwater concrete reinforcing cage up - floating accident is placing the reinforcing cage in the pile hole center , controlling the embedded depth of conduct pile , concrete casting velocity and conduce pipe drawing velocity , mixing fine quality concrete , adding barbed bar and specialized refincing cage hanger hook


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