quark confinement中文什么意思

发音:   用"quark confinement"造句
  • 夸克禁闭
  • 夸克局束
  • 夸克约束
  • quark:    n. 夸克〔假设的带电核粒子,为已知 ...
  • confinement:    n. 1.限制,界限,拘束;(电磁) ...
  • s quark:    s夸克


  1. Second , the quark potential has to be at present determined phe - nomenologically due to qcd nonperturbation and the mechanism of quark confinement is still in search
  2. We obtain a new quark potential from the effective dilaton - gluon - coupling inspired by superstring theory , and by using this static potential , we explore the mechanism of quark confinement through calculations of the spin - average energy levels , the widths of the leptonic decays and radiative transitions for heavy quarkonium . the obtained results are compared with that of the cornell potenial


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