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  • quark:    n. 夸克〔假设的带电核粒子,为已知 ...
  • plasma:    n. 1.【生理】血浆;淋巴液。 2 ...
  • quark-gluon plasma:    夸克-胶子等离子态; 夸克胶子等离子 ...
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  1. To study the formation of a quark gluon plasma , it is of crucial importance to undeistand in detail the collision dynamics
    在高能重离子对撞实验( rhic及lhc )探索夸克胶子等离子体( qgp )的过程中,对碰撞动力学的详细了解是至关重要的。
  2. The hard process is included in a natural way , which offers the opportunity to calculate the parton spectra and parton density which aie closely related to the forinatioi1 of quark gluon plasma . the strict calculation is performed on the parton level , however , hadrons are finally observable particles
    而pomeron与remnant之间的关联,以及pomeron之间的关联,则通过补偿夸克(或感应夸克)来实现? ?每当一个海夸克或一个反夸克从真空中激发出来作为pomeron的色弦端点时,它的反粒子也从真空中激发出来,进入到相邻的remnant中。
  3. It is believed that eventually ve will reach sufficient temperature or baryon density to produce a new state of matter - quark gluon plasma ( qgp ) . the study of the pha . se transition from ordinary hadronic matter to qgp . and to further investigate the properties of qgp has been the major effects of these experiments at sps / cern


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