rational adjustment中文什么意思

发音:   用"rational adjustment"造句
  • 合理调整
  • 损有余益不足


  1. Agglomeration economies bring about urban center in the process of urban sprawl . with the formation of centripetal urban rings , the planners of the city make rational adjustments in the distribution of spatial structure of urban areas according to theory of economic rent so that the services of high quality are amassed in the central sphere of the area , which results in the formation of cbd
    在城市发展的过程中,由于聚集经济的作用,出现了城市中心,随着城市中心的不断发展,城市中心的各职能在地租? ?承租能力的影响下对城市空间结构进行了重新布局,那些土地利用率高的商务职能及高档商业服务职能就留在了中心地,使城市中心发展成为cbd 。
  2. This paper , based on positive research of the structure of the street and an explicit knowledge of its current spatial layout as well as its structure characteristics , aims to interpret the cause of its pluralistic formation , thus providing scientific basis for the in - depth development and rational adjustment of the street


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