research lesson中文什么意思

发音:   用"research lesson"造句
  • 研究课
  • research:    n. 1.仔细搜索 (for, af ...
  • lesson:    n. 1.功课。 2.一节课,(教科 ...
  • be a lesson to:    对...是一个教训


  1. The hegemony and hegemonic is the research lesson of the international politics and international relations theories importance one of
  2. Firstly , this paper synthetically introduces the state and the abroad of concrete structures about nondestructive testing , in particular examining flaws in concrete structures by using impact echo method , gets at the problem existing at present and clarifies the direction and the content of research lesson in the field
  3. Nondestructive testing is a very important and difficult research lesson about the defect of concrete structures . this paper mainly measures the stress waves conveying in concrete structures and the depth of surface - opening cracks in concrete plates by using impact echo method after carefully reading a lot of articles about the state and the abroad of concrete nondestructive in the field and incorporating the special conditions on the laboratory


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