research man中文什么意思

发音:   用"research man"造句
  • 研究人员


  1. The study on market order is scattered and superficial because the research men are very limited in china
  2. With film as away succeeding and being effective in anthropology field at home and abroad ) however , the research men in huisology field gave no enough attentions in it
  3. On the basic of former research men ' s experience , 18 experimental members ( including 9 simple beams and 9 restrained beams ) are designed and tested . in the experiment , phenomena are observed and record by taking photos in the whole process from the first crack appears to test members crash completely , experimental data is attained including load values of crack - appear load , critical load and terminal load , stress values of reinforcing steel bar stress , compressed concrete stress and beam flank stress and values of deflection etc . by analyzing the crack ' s appearing and developing form and stress values of concrete and steel bars , the crash modes of test beams are defined ; shearing force - deflection curves are contrasted and analyzed ; the effects on shear strength of the three factors as shear span ratio , concrete strength and restraining moment are also analyzed


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