retort pouch中文什么意思

发音:   用"retort pouch"造句
  • 闭口密封袋〔可将食物密封,使其在非低温情况下仍能长期保存〕。


  1. Pasteurization technology for retort pouch in foreign countries
  2. General packaging materials include : 3 - side seal , center seal , side seal with gusset , center seal with gusset , tray lid , rolls , retort pouch ( this pouch may look like other regular pouches , but it actually made up of different kinds of materials which enable the pouch to be heated and sterilized )
    其它包装材料包括:三边封袋,中封袋,风琴袋,中间封风琴袋,封口膜,卷膜,蒸煮袋(袋子本身可以在蒸或煮的高温情况下使用,对内包物进行加热和杀菌) 。


    A retort pouch is a type of food packaging created by aseptic processing, made from multiple layers of flexible laminate, allowing for the sterile packaging of a wide variety of food and drink, ranging from water to fully cooked, thermo-stabilized (heat-treated) high-caloric (1,300 on average) meals such as Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs) which can be eaten cold, warmed by submersing in hot water, or through the use of a flameless ration heater, a meal component introduced by the military in 1992.Combat Index, “Meals Ready to Eat.


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