right to information中文什么意思

发音:   用"right to information"造句
  • 取得情报的权利, 了解情况权
  • 知情权
  • right:    adj. 1.右,右方的,右侧的,右 ...
  • information:    n. 1.通知,通报,报告。 2.报 ...
  • as of right:    依法当然取得的


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  1. Execution of right to information and right to privacy in medical treatment
  2. Whether it will expedite the implementation of a genetically - modified food labelling system , so as to protect consumers right to information
  3. We have been working side by side with the news media in the release of information over the years , safeguarding the interests of the public and their right to information
  4. Hong kong revised and passed the " principles for opening information " in december 1996 . in 1994 , macao passed the " administrative procedure law " , which specifies the rights to information in its section three of chapter two
    我国香港地区于1996年12月修订通过了《公开资料守则》 ,澳门地区于1994年制定了《行政程序法》 ,其中第二章第三部分规定了“资讯权”的有关内容。
  5. It thinks that laws should be established throughout the country to rule the regimen about information explosion duty of network businessmen and right to terminate the contract and right to reject goods according to right to information can be better protected in this way to connect with the correlative laws of international consumers " right on protection


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