rough blank中文什么意思

发音:   用"rough blank"造句
  • 粗毛坯
  • 粗坯
  • rough:    adj. 1.粗糙的 (opp. s ...
  • blank:    adj. 1.(表格等)空白的,(纸 ...
  • be a blank:    头脑处于


  1. This system has the friendly windows for dialogue between person and machine , can draw and label the plan of each roll groove with the way of parameterization drawing , under the condition that giving the size of the rough blank the specifications of the finished product and the technical parameters of the roll , selecting the minimum consumption as the target function , adopting the optimization , adopting the boundary condition of the grip the strength of roll and the check of the power - generating . moreover , the plan can be outputted in the software of autocad


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