round work中文什么意思

发音:   用"round work"造句
  • 圆形工件
  • round:    vi.,vt. 〔古语〕低声讲,悄悄 ...
  • work:    n. 1.工作,操作,劳动,作业;工 ...
  • round piece of work:    圆形工作


  1. Keep pace with the times , make innova - tions in a pioneering spirit , create a new situation in all - round works of boc , jiangxi branch
  2. As one group member of chinese chamber of commerce , wenzhou chamber of commerce followed the steps of local economic development , responded to the voices of enterprises , on the base of all - round works being running functionally and smoothly , it should follow the principle of service and improvement , to pay more efforts in exterior integration , inner reform and developing key functions to play itself roles and confirm to the increasing - requirements of chinese industries
  3. In a long time after the founding of the state , because of lack scientific demonstration , the establishment of new city sometimes fast and sometimes slow , cold one minute and hot next . under the professor wang fazeng ' s hosting of the henan university , the first round work of the city ' s establishment and predicting and planning had finished in henan province until the 1990s . but through the development of more than 10 years , the enormous change has taken place in the political and economical situation


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