route chart中文什么意思

发音:   用"route chart"造句
  • 航路图
  • 航线图
  • 流水线工艺卡片
  • 路线图, 工序卡


  1. They will retort the existing route chart , fabricate its own new route chart that leads to this unknown territory
  2. First , confirm the fare to your destination on the fare table or the route chart on the walls above the machines
  3. Article 7 after the completion of the engineering project , the owners shall submit all the explanatory data , such as the route chart and position chart of the submarine cables and pipelines , to the competent authorities for the record , and send duplicates to the harbour superintendence organs
  4. This paper expounds on how to cultivate undergraduate professional talents in china ' s current primary school education from four angles such as teacher standard , student status administration , curriculum and cultivating time route chart
    文章根据小学教师教育专业的特殊性,从“教师标准” 、 “学籍管理” 、 “课程设置” 、 “培养时序” 4个方面,阐述了该专业的人才培养模式问题,尤其是提出了颠覆教育类课程设置的时序“路线图”的观点。


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