route code中文什么意思

发音:   用"route code"造句
  • 路由码
  • route:    n. 1.路;路线,路程;航线。 2 ...
  • code:    n. 1.法典;法规。 2.规则,准 ...
  • common route code:    通用工序标识


  1. Common route code i
  2. The smart labels produced by ups worldship , ups internet shipping and ups online compatible vendor shipping systems include bar codes and routing codes that help ensure accurate routing and prompt delivery of your shipments
    Ups互联网托运和ups online compatible vendor托运系统生产的醒目标签中包含条码,以及路线安排代码,它们有助确保货件的准确路线安排和快速派送货件。
  3. By contracting several databases , sql server 2000 is selected for the property database platform . then the structure and function of sql server 2000 are anatomized in the thesis . finally the structure of the route codes and the meaning of each data code are analyzed
  4. 4 . the key in designing the property database is to preserve the course codes , which are main keys in the old investigating database of highway as the third sorted fields - the county and city , and besides , the city fields and the route codes are inserted as the second and the first sorted fields in each table of the database respectively . 5


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