route flying中文什么意思

发音:   用"route flying"造句
  • route:    n. 1.路;路线,路程;航线。 2 ...
  • flying:    adj. 1.飞的,飞行的,飞行员的 ...
  • flying route:    飞行航路; 飞行航线
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  1. This obviously depends on the routes flown , the levels and the solar activities
  2. One of the functions is to check automatically the air routes flown by flights operating within hong kong airspace
  3. During y2k transition period from december 31 , 1999 to january 1 , 2000 , the international civil aviation organisation ( icao ) had implemented contingency routes in the asia pacific region . in order to validate these special routes flown by aircraft , the aidb system was put on manual checking mode to ensure that flights were accepted in accordance with the contingency arrangement


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