s electron中文什么意思

发音:   用"s electron"造句
  • s电子


  1. Research technique ' s development and possess level about database , apply mature relation database construct pdm system ' s electron warehouse , establish foundation for other function module
  2. Plasma technique was introduced in the research of high power microwave ( hpm ) sources in recent decade . the performance of hpm sources is improved much by filling plasma which is promising in this field . filled - plasma travelling - wave tubes ( fptwt ) is a part of them . it is the main task of this paper to research and design fptwt ' s electron optics system and simulate it
  3. Our company have established about ten years , during the course of we always service the electron component suppier by our tenet , apply ourself to development of electron information products circulate realm , make our great contributes to development and perfection of our country ' s electron information products circulate realm


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