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  1. Other programmes : how to search on the internet , writing your websites ; powerpoint and other talks
  2. Well i got up early yesterday morning to search on the internet and i completely lost track of time
  3. The laws of hong kong are freely available for search on the internet in both english and chinese versions
  4. Main works of this thesis are as follows : ( 1 ) reviewed the history of information searching on the internet . introduced the techniques concerned with search engines
    其中主要工作包括: ( 1 )系统回顾了网上信息检索的演进历程,简要分析了搜索引擎的原理、技术及所存在的问题。
  5. This article summarizes necessary configurations of computer software used to search on the internet , how to search for online information effectively and search methods to be adopted as well


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