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  1. The private sector accounts for one - third of the industry ' s output
  2. Yet sweden ' s public sector accounts for 30 % of total employment , twice the share in germany
    迄今瑞典的公共部门解决了总就业的30 % ,是德国的两倍。
  3. Last year the property sector accounted for nearly 10 % of total fdi inflows , the biggest destination for foreign investment after manufacturing ( 71 % )
    去年,房地产行业几乎占去了中国全部fdi的10 ,这也是除制造业外( 71 % )吸收外国投资的最大行业。
  4. However , with the industrial sector accounting for only about 15 per cent of us gdp , and the monthly numbers considered erratic , some commentators were more sanguine
    然而,由于工业部门仅占美国国内生产总值( gdp )的15 %左右,加上人们认为月度数字波动性较大,因此一些评论人士较为乐观。
  5. At first , according to the needs of economic development at present , we should take measure to improve the current budget accounting system ; then , with the reform the classification setup of government revenue and outlay , we should make great effort to establish the government financial accounting system in the future . our government accounting and financial reports can be improved by adopting the good practice in public sector accounting and financial reporting around the world and the successful experience in the reformation of china " s enterprise accounting and financial reports


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