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  1. The dynamic loading resulting from blast, gusts of wind, or seismic forces is generally not harmonic .
  2. Factually there is no assurance for ductility in this coefficient . furthermore , the seismic force is comparatively lower in design than in fact . both of them necessarily increase the seismic risk
  3. The paper is concerned with aseismic behaviour of the shear wall structure with steel reinforced concrete ( src ) and reinforced concrete ( rc ) supporting frames and girder transfer floor under horizontal load of seismic force
    框支剪力墙结构的特点是“上刚下柔” ,即上部楼层的侧向刚度大于下部楼层,不利于抗震。
  4. The passed - joint hypo - beam as the first line of defence organization against horizontal force ineluctably bear most curves during the first period under the seismic force , which ca n ' t be balanced by the pre - stressing force of the pre - stressed hypo - beam , therefore , the first crack will occur on it ' s end and at last develop into the plastic - hinge
    2 、通过本次试验,并结合他人的一些研究成果,我们应该可以认为边梁扭矩对节点的受力性能是有利的。弯、剪、扭的受力机制并不会使节点的抗震性能有明显的降低。
  5. For architectural requirements , residnces have many walls . as a result it is comparatively resonable that sub - high rise residences are frame - wall structures or shear wall structures we a1l know that shear wall structures have large sectional area and the capability of bearing vertical loads is respectively high . nevertheless , under seismic forces they have large inertia forces and small lateral displacemente


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